Radio’s New Recipe…Serve Chilled

Ready?  Here’s what next and what you will need to whip up a perfect concoction.

  • Record 60 seconds of any voice
  • A few more years of  AI (artificial intelligence) Development
  • And a developer tool called Lyrebird (or something similar)

What are we making?

audio pic

The complete replacement (outside of maybe the original voice) of humans needed for anything audio.  Before you tag me with being nuts, consider the powerful combination of the real-life voice recreation and AI.


Once the computers start to think on their own, which they are already doing, there will be no need for mistake-prone fumbling humans to be involved.



Aaaaaaa, you think?


Not today, but the tomorrow when this occurs in not too many train stops down the line.

Check out the story and audio sample at

Think about the cost savings once you get past the CapEx.  OK, maybe not the best idea if your business is making audio.


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