Boomers Are From Mars/ Millennials Are From Venus

“baby boomers and millennials appear to have starkly different attitudes about pretty much everything”

Stark generational differences highlighted in this Bloomberg article is worth review.

Depending on the study one reads, millennials according to some are pushing closer and closer to 40.  Where did the time go?

Some highlights:

  • Marriage in steep decline with 25-34 year olds
  • “Living on their own” declines to around 60% from 85%
  • Home ownership down nearly 20%
  • More millennials are going to college and earning a bachelor’s degree and more
  • A common meme is millennials are lazy, something the research debunks.  In fact millennials score a few points higher than their boomer parents.

All of this and an important and notable change in the ethnic and racial makeup of the country.


Bowling Green State University conducted this study and provides lots of data to mull over if you are so inclined.

Here’s the link:  BGSU Millennials Study

The how’s and why’s are important, however, don’t overthink what is reality and unchangeable. Millennials represent a very large percentage of the country and they are knee deep in adulthood–understand, adapt, embrace.


One thought on “Boomers Are From Mars/ Millennials Are From Venus

  1. I blame the Baby Boomer parents for raising slacker, basement-dwelling millenials!

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