I am so excited I could scream!

Why?  Well, for a good while now I’ve been quietly and sometimes not so quietly talking about how the time is right for a 90’s centered format.  I’ve developed THE FLASH™ and the reaction to the the concept, the strategic ideas, and the demo has been nothing short of outstanding.

The best music oriented show on TV, The Voice, (NBC Monday 8ET/7CT) is about to debut  another season and along with it comes on-line clips featuring fun sneak peaks and great performances from the show.  It looks like this season will thematically call upon the 90’s! The time is right for THE FLASH™  As The Weekend and Daft Punk have been telling us, “I Feel It Coming!”

See the Voice crew talking 90’s-click here:


And the 90’s love continues with Adam, Gwen, Alicia, and Blake singing the 1994 TLC classic Waterfalls.  A Beat Box, Acoustic Guitar and Bass…damn that is good!

Click to see and hear this gem.


Through the years no one would ever accuse me of being short on opinions and when it comes to this “90’s thing” I believe in it very, very strongly-to say the least.  I would love to share my excitement with YOU!

Please hit me up for me details.


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