Typically, I don’t write about artists/musicians/songs on this website but today I decided to use this space to showcase a new song just released yesterday (Friday 2/17).

grimmie-invisible  click pic to hear song

You might know her name, you might have seen one of her videos on YouTube, (Christina Grimmie was/is a very successful YouTuber), or maybe it was on Season 6 of The Voice where she wowed everyone with her rich, towering voice and unique versions of songs that easily could have been her own.  Tragically, it’s more likely you became familiar with Christina Grimmie the night of June 10th 2016–that was the night she was murdered after a show in Orlando, Florida at the age of 22.

I first ran across Christina on YouTube singing a cover of Goyte/Somebody That I Used To Know.  That was 2012.  Ever since, and after binging on all of her music, I was rooting for this extraordinary young artist.  I wasn’t alone.  3.6 million fans on Facebook; 3.8 million fans on YouTube; and nearly a million followers each on Instagram and Twitter.  Not to mention Snap Chat and more than a few fan sites worldwide.

Check these out—>>> CVGUpdatesTeamGrimmieScott Roberts

A few years ago I got to see her perform at a City of Hope benefit at the Hard Rock here in Hollywood, and with only a keyboard and microphone she didn’t disappoint.  I resisted shooting video of the entire show so I could actually enjoy the live performance, but did capture one song that I’ve never posted, until now.  (videography shaky…performance strong)

cg-hardorckclick pic watch video

And since you made it this far…let me also tip you to a fun feel good film Christina co-starred in, sang 4 songs in the film and on the soundtrack.  It was independently released late last year–The Matchbreaker (trailer).  

OK, OK, I’m a super fan.  I admit it!  And I am good with that.

Posthumously signed by Republic Records with more songs to come.  Lastly, if you choose to buy the song, 100% of the net proceeds from “Invisible” will be used to establish a memorial fund for Christina.

Check out the stirring lyrics:

I won’t be another ghost
No, I won’t be invisible
See me everywhere you go
No, I won’t be invisible, yeah


I won’t be diminished, eclipsed, or hidden
You’re gonna see my light blaze black to life
Like the phoenix rise
I won’t be diminished, eclipsed, or hidden
You’re gonna see my light blaze black to life
Like the phoenix rise


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