There’s NEVER a Free Lunch. E-V-E-R!

Lately it has become very apparent that during what we in radio would call “prime,” SPOTIFY is taking it’s cue’s from FM music radio.  Recently, the spotload is ramping up.  First it was one or two spots in each block… now we are pushing 3, sometimes 4! It used to be limited to 1 or 2 spot blocks  per hour…now, let’s just say its around 3.  Hey, we all gotta eat.  I get it.

I also understand SPOTIFY wants to sell consumers it’s pay service. Pushing and getting more paying subs may be the only long term solution to profitability.  Just last year said this in an article about SPOTIFY: “it is still incapable of making a profit—and because of the way the music business works, it may never make one”.

Um, doesn’t that sound discouraging and bad.

Let me be clear about something, I am an advocate for the commercial content model.  Within reason–willing to hear spots in exchange for content for a service I love.  And I do love SPOTIFY.  But here I am writing this article. What gives?

Let me be clear about something else. I also chose the free SPOTIFY because the sound quality was far better than one might expect from a free “degraded” service.  In fact, running it through my outboard speakers and Breakaway audio processor (thank you Leif Claesson) it sounds great. That mixed with limited commercials and I was satisfied.

One more thing about SPOTIFY that has irritated me and tacit proof THEY are aware of how damaging it is to the free service.  All commercials including including promos used to be listed in the users history list and now it’s just the songs.

SPOTIFY, you listening?  I’m a music fan, a professional broadcaster, and an advocate for the “spots for content model” and you are pissing me off. In the same way broadcast radio stations have pissed off listeners by pushing the limits of commercial time that it’s no easy task to sit through an entire stopset.

Sure, there’s always been stations who have known no limits on minute/unit count but let’s take a look back at a few of the standard commercial break structures that served stations, listeners, and advertisers well beginning nearly 40 years ago.  Clocks 1, 2 and 3 would be welcomed by cheers today.

clock oneclock 2

clock 3

Clock 4 we could live with and even clock 5 if we had to.

clock 4clock 5

Clock 6 goes like this.  Imagine the meeting.  No one likes spots, why not just cluster them all together in one mega break and get people to listen the rest of the hour. Yeah, I know you’ve been in that meeting.  Nice idea…might have worked for a while. LOL!clock 6

OK, so let’s finish up by tying these two ostensibly different stories together.  To recap…the free service on Spotify is getting cluttered. Broadcast radio is cluttered even as stations have reduced jock talk and promo length. They way people hear, use, and expect to consume media has/is rapidly changed and broadcasters are still largely doing it how it was done in 1984.

PPM is “the great teacher” because we can actually see what happened moment-to-moment, right?  Seemingly supporting the continued use of long spot clusters and reduced everything else.

Speaking as a proud contrarian — ENOUGH!

There is no law that says spots or banter or promos must be structured one way or another.  In fact, even if PPM indicates a particular pattern or structure is best…question it.  I know it’s a counter intuitive and radical suggestion.  I’ve been talking to clients and associates about how we can shake it up, make it different, and weather the storm of wobbly ratings. Better now, controlled, then waiting for tomorrow when it will be too late. I know first hand there’s many considering new and original options. People are scared of what doesn’t feel comfortable–but I encourage everyone to allow yourself to commit to a new and FRESH way…because honestly, we have NO choice.

Who Wants To Be In the (TV) Ratings Business?


Today, you may have seen the announcement from Fox, Turner, and Viacom that they have formed their own audience data partnership called OpenAP — an “advanced audience platform.”  You can read the story here: THR Story

This is GREAT news!

The contentious relationship between some of the TV Networks and Nielsen is not new and the optics of last weeks delayed reports only served to keep the problems in the forefront.   The consortium promises more details to advertisers and other media companies coming in April.

On the radio/audio side of things, and with all due respect to Eastlan, Nielsen is practically a lone wolf and dominant. Just like what took place on the TV/video side today, I would welcome a similar announcement to emerge for radio.  We are all very well aware of the significant challenges facing data collection organizations of all kinds today.

There’s got to be a better way.  There must be a better way.  How much is it worth to accurately measure cross platform audio usage?

Stay tuned and let’s see how things develop with OpenAP.







I am so excited I could scream!

Why?  Well, for a good while now I’ve been quietly and sometimes not so quietly talking about how the time is right for a 90’s centered format.  I’ve developed THE FLASH™ and the reaction to the the concept, the strategic ideas, and the demo has been nothing short of outstanding.

The best music oriented show on TV, The Voice, (NBC Monday 8ET/7CT) is about to debut  another season and along with it comes on-line clips featuring fun sneak peaks and great performances from the show.  It looks like this season will thematically call upon the 90’s! The time is right for THE FLASH™  As The Weekend and Daft Punk have been telling us, “I Feel It Coming!”

See the Voice crew talking 90’s-click here:


And the 90’s love continues with Adam, Gwen, Alicia, and Blake singing the 1994 TLC classic Waterfalls.  A Beat Box, Acoustic Guitar and Bass…damn that is good!

Click to see and hear this gem.


Through the years no one would ever accuse me of being short on opinions and when it comes to this “90’s thing” I believe in it very, very strongly-to say the least.  I would love to share my excitement with YOU!

Please hit me up for me details.


The Flash!

Just launched a new website featuring the brand new format called flash-logo-4

  • Learn more about it.

  • Listen to the fresh demo

  • Call me, tweet me, text me, or email me and lets put The Flash to work to attract an audience and give your sales team something Fresh, New and Profitable to sell.





Haunting New Song Brings Fallen Artist Back To The Fore

Typically, I don’t write about artists/musicians/songs on this website but today I decided to use this space to showcase a new song just released yesterday (Friday 2/17).

grimmie-invisible  click pic to hear song

You might know her name, you might have seen one of her videos on YouTube, (Christina Grimmie was/is a very successful YouTuber), or maybe it was on Season 6 of The Voice where she wowed everyone with her rich, towering voice and unique versions of songs that easily could have been her own.  Tragically, it’s more likely you became familiar with Christina Grimmie the night of June 10th 2016–that was the night she was murdered after a show in Orlando, Florida at the age of 22.

I first ran across Christina on YouTube singing a cover of Goyte/Somebody That I Used To Know.  That was 2012.  Ever since, and after binging on all of her music, I was rooting for this extraordinary young artist.  I wasn’t alone.  3.6 million fans on Facebook; 3.8 million fans on YouTube; and nearly a million followers each on Instagram and Twitter.  Not to mention Snap Chat and more than a few fan sites worldwide.

Check these out—>>> CVGUpdatesTeamGrimmieScott Roberts

A few years ago I got to see her perform at a City of Hope benefit at the Hard Rock here in Hollywood, and with only a keyboard and microphone she didn’t disappoint.  I resisted shooting video of the entire show so I could actually enjoy the live performance, but did capture one song that I’ve never posted, until now.  (videography shaky…performance strong)

cg-hardorckclick pic watch video

And since you made it this far…let me also tip you to a fun feel good film Christina co-starred in, sang 4 songs in the film and on the soundtrack.  It was independently released late last year–The Matchbreaker (trailer).  

OK, OK, I’m a super fan.  I admit it!  And I am good with that.

Posthumously signed by Republic Records with more songs to come.  Lastly, if you choose to buy the song, 100% of the net proceeds from “Invisible” will be used to establish a memorial fund for Christina.

Check out the stirring lyrics:

I won’t be another ghost
No, I won’t be invisible
See me everywhere you go
No, I won’t be invisible, yeah


I won’t be diminished, eclipsed, or hidden
You’re gonna see my light blaze black to life
Like the phoenix rise
I won’t be diminished, eclipsed, or hidden
You’re gonna see my light blaze black to life
Like the phoenix rise

Disruption…The Next Hollywood Blockbuster? But It Ain’t No Movie!


With theater attendance at a two-decade low and profits dwindling, the kind of disruption that hit music, publishing, and other industries is already reshaping the entertainment business.”
Vanity Fair — January 2017
Read the fascinating, timely, and sobering article right here:
I almost feel silly writing these same words I have been saying and writing for a very long time–if we think we’ve seen massive disruption so far, don’t look now because from where I sit I can see that we’ve only just begun.
And when I say I can see…in this case I really mean it.

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